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Welcome to Color Street.

My name is Christiane (Chrissy) Bourgoine and I am your Color Street Stylist. I joined Color Street in June 2018. And here is why…

I am (or better was) the typical acrylics girl and had them for forever. I am sure that all of you are aware of the damage they can cause to your natural nails. Well... I was too but didn't care much until I came to the point where my acrylics didn't last any longer than 1/2 week. I decided to try a gel manicure for a while to help my nails regain their strength. But my nails were so damaged that the gel manicure didn't even last 2 days! There was my sign to give the whole manicure thing a break for a while. You wouldn't believe how thin my nails were. I couldn't even wash my hands with warm water because it was hurting my nail bed and they had cracked from tip to bottom. It was terrible and took months and months for them to get a little stronger. During that time I tried using nail polish, which (as you can imagine) didn't even last a few hours before chipping and on top... I am impatient when it comes to drying time. Once I felt confident that they would not go back to how they were before, I gave the gel manicure another try... It was great the first couple times and they lasted a couple weeks but after that it started going down hill again. That's when I came across Color Street.

How can you not be interested in a nail polish that doesn't harm your nails like acrylic/gel manicures, is done in no time and doesn't require any drying time! Especially with a busy toddler around. And on top of that... the price for a Color Street manicure beats what I had to pay in a nail studio by far. I had to try it!!!

And now I can say that my nails are getting stronger, it only takes around 10 minutes to get them done and since they don't require any drying time, I can go back to what I was doing right after applying them, AND the manicure lasts way longer than any other manicure!

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